Safety Switches

Safety Switches & RCD's

At Smartfix Electrical we can supply and install Safety Switches (RCD's) to all homes. Do you know your legal requirements? If not the information below may assist you.

Please take 15 seconds to read the excerpt below which was supplied by the Director of Energy Safety.



To The Home Owner 

Dear Sir/Madam
No RCD means no second chance.

Residual current devices (RCD's) are the single most effective measure to prevent electrocution injuries and fires.

The circuit breakers and fuses in your electrical panel protect against overloading and short circuits. They will not protect you against electrocution. The amount of current needed to kill you is far too little to cause a fuse to blow or a circuit breaker to operate. An RCD is the only device able to save you and your family from electrocution.

To make the Western Australian homes and businesses safer, i am very keen to see each one of them fitted with RCD's. I strongly recommend that you have at least TWO of these life-saving devices fitted to your premises.

Any licenced electrical contractor can supply and fit RCD's in the main meter panel of your house and business. They will be happy to give you a no-obligation price quotation.

Invest in RCD's!  Remember no RCD means no second chance.

Ken Bowron

Many regulations have come into effect since this was released. The following information is taken from the Department of Mines, Industry, Regulation & Safety.

RCDs save lives

RCDs cut the electricity supply instantly if a person touches a live part and receives a shock. By installing two or more RCDs, the property's circuits can be divided evenly between them, ensuring some light and power remains if one RCD operates. Multiple RCDs also avoid nuisance operation caused by appliances with low-level leakage currents. All properties constructed after 2000 should already have two RCDs fitted.

Homes for sale

If you are planning to sell your home, RCDs must be fitted to protect all circuits supplying power points and lights before the land title is transferred. If two or more RCDs protecting all power and lighting circuits are not installed, you will need to engage a licensed electrical contractor to install them to comply with the Electricity Regulations.

Renting a home

Landlords must ensure RCDs are installed in accordance with the Electricity Regulations on the switchboards of their rental premises. If RCDs are not fitted, tenants should contact the managing agent or landlord and request that RCDs be installed as required.

Number of RCDs

The regulations require RCDs to be installed on the main switchboard in accordance with the Electricity Regulations. Two is a required minimum but more than two may be needed. A licensed electrical contractor will install the correct number and rating of RCDs to ensure your premises complies with the regulations.

Testing RCDs

All RCDs have a test button (the round blue buttons in the illustration) which should be pressed every three months as a minimum to verify they are functioning properly. When the button is pressed, the RCDs switch should snap into the ‘off’ position instantly.

Moving the RCDs switch back into the ‘on’ position can be done immediately. You may wish to switch off your computing equipment before doing the test. Timing devices and clocks will need to be reset.

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