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Smoke Alarms

Getting the right advice on Smoke Alarms

The importance of smoke alarms
At Smartfix electrical we cannot stress the safety and security of having smoke alarms in your house hold they are your only line of defence in the event of a house fire, listed below is a link to the regulations regarding smoke detectors the Government of Western Australia Depart of Mine, Industry Regulation and Safety:

Smoke alarms are mandatory
Since the 1st of October 2009 smoke alarms must be installed via the mains power and shall be installed in all existing residential buildings prior to the transfer of ownership, rent or hire.

Battery operated alarms
The Building Regulations 2012 does not allow the use of Battery operated smoke alarms unless:
Mains power is not connected to the dwelling.
where there is no accessible roof space to run the necessary wiring for mains powered smoke alarms – for example, where the ceiling is concrete.

When you should install/replace
Smoke detectors should be installed when building or renovating your home, putting your dwelling up for rent, hire or transfer of ownership and should be replaced after no more than 10 years from the expiry date listed within the smoke alarm or from installation. At Smartfix we offer an annual electrical safety inspection and we can go over and check all those things for you as well as the protection of your circuits inside your switchboard to put your mind at ease knowing that you are electrically safe.

Maintaining your smoke alarms
Smoke detectors should not rely on just the battery that is within the smoke detector some cannot be replaced and some you can change out, but smoke alarms should not rely on the battery, it should be connected to the mains and the battery as a backup.

Where you should install smoke alarms
Smoke alarms can be installed various places depening on the purpose of the dwelling or the layout of you house, we have listed a few examples as to how you should set you smoke alarms up in your home depending on your situation.

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Smoke alarm schematic.pngSmoke alarm schematic 2.png

Few helpful links regarding smoke alarms:

DFES: Department of Fire & Emergency Services

Government of WA: Department of Mines, Industry Regulation & Safety: Smoke Alarm Laws

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